AFA Accredited Financial Analyst Program
Online. Self-Paced. Eligible for certification immediately!

Course Description
"Blended Learning for the Financial Analyst"

The AFA Accredited Financial Analyst & Chartered Economist 
Certification Programs are designed for...

   ...Professionals who want to be effective global leaders contributing in real ways 
       to the success of their corporate, non-profit, or government organizations.

   ...Professionals who want to strengthen the foundation of their management and
      decision-making expertise through the study of the economics of running a free
      market enterprise.

   ...Professionals who understand how valuable continuous learning is to
       improving their own intellectual capital.

Course Content

Participants will focus on the mastery of:

  • Enterprise micro- and macroeconomic principles such as industry and firm behavior, choice and demand, production and supply
  • Applied business research methods, forecasting, interpretation, and analysis
  • Market analysis and how firms across industries compete with one another
  • Dynamic decision making including the study of financial risk, capital markets, sound budgeting, and the study of monetary policy
  • Organizational management, including organizational design, and effectively communicating strategic economic issues, including focus on activities that build competency in business English.

Course Outline

The Program consists of six online, interactive modules which provide an in depth analysis of global micro/macro economic concepts, case studies, and practical applications.


1: Introduction to Managerial Economics
2: Managerial Microeconomics
3: Managerial Macroeconomics
4: Dynamic Economic Decision Making
5: Organizational Management &
6. Valuation

The course culminates with the final exam and certification process
  • Review of Free Markets and the History of Economic Thought
  • One Final Case Study
  • The AFA Financial Analyst Exam